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Marco Rubio says it's 'silly' to focus on his personal finances

via @learyreports

In an interview with Fox News that aired Sunday, Marco Rubio complained about news media coverage of his personal finances, said he'd sign abortion legislation that does not include exceptions even though he supports exceptions and took on the experience question.

"Mitt Romney was too rich to be President, but I am not rich enough?" Rubio said.

"That’s silly. The truth is, my finances -- not anymore, but maybe my first 10, 15 years of my marriage -- looked a lot more like the people I represent than the people I served with. Instead of looking at that and our understanding of why that makes me so passionate about the issues facing the American people, (reporters) focus on why didn't follow the advice of some financial adviser who analyzed my finances and thought I should have done this instead of that."


--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times