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Miami congressional candidate (and Democratic superdelegate) backs Hillary Clinton


Annette Taddeo, a Florida Democratic superdelegate and Miami congressional candidate, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Tuesday.

There was little doubt Taddeo, who backed Clinton in 2008, would support her again. Taddeo has been involved in groups that recruit women candidates for years.

"For 25 years, Hillary has taken on the toughest fights, time and again standing up against policies that benefit the few at the expense of our middle class," Taddeo said in a statement. "I know Hillary will build on the great progress we've made in these past years, to fight for immigration reform, protect the Affordable Care Act, raise the minimum wage and protect women's rights."

In addition to running against U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo (a Republican and Jeb Bush guy), Taddeo holds a couple of positions in the Democratic National Committee. She sits on the DNC's Executive Committee and holds a title as Hispanic chairwoman for the South.

As a superdelegate, Taddeo will also cast a vote in her party's presidential nominating convention next summer.

Taddeo is a former chairwoman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, and last year ran as Charlie Crist's running mate in the Florida governor's race.