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PolitiFact Florida fact-checks Jeb Bush's claim about college tuition

During a discussion about student debt at the CNBC Republican presidential debate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich talked about bringing down college costs, prompting Jeb Bush to chime in about the low cost of tuition in Florida.

"We don't need the federal government to be involved in this, because when they do, we create a $1.2 trillion debt," said the former Florida governor during the Oct. 28 debate in Boulder, Colo. "In Florida, we have the lowest in-state tuition of any state, because there's accountability, just as John (Kasich) said. You'll create a much better graduation rate at a lower cost, and you won't indebt the next generation with recourse debt on their backs."

We wanted to know: Does Florida hold the No. 1 spot for lowest in-state college tuition? See what PolitiFact Florida found.