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Richard Corcoran, Marco Rubio's ex-chief of staff, backs Jeb Bush


Jeb Bush landed a presidential endorsement Monday from Richard Corcoran, the incoming Florida House speaker and one of the top elected officials in the state who had yet to pick a side between Bush and home state rival Marco Rubio.

Corcoran is also a former Rubio legislative chief of staff and one of only a couple of speakers who hadn't already backed Bush.

Here's the statement from Corcoran, who will accompany Bush on a three-stop Florida tour Monday of Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville as the former governor tries to recharge his campaign with the release of a new book:

I have known Jeb Bush for over 20 years. As Governor, Jeb Bush set the standard against which all other conservatives in this state are measured - no one in Florida would argue that. Jeb Bush always stepped up and was true to his principles, even if that meant facing difficult consequences. I saw him in moments when it would have been easy to cave to the special interests and just go along with the status quo; yet he never did. He is without question, the most courageous, conservative in this race. That’s what I want in a leader, and what I know the electorate deserves. When the people of this country get to know the Jeb Bush that I know, they will have no doubt that he is the right choice to become the next President of the United States.