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Sign of things to come? Pro-Ted Cruz super PAC blasts Marco Rubio over immigration

via @learyreports

A super PAC supporting Ted Cruz has produced this radio ad blasting Marco Rubio for his role in authoring the Senate's comprehensive immigration bill.

We all loved how Marco Rubio took apart Jeb Bush in the debate. Wasn’t it great? But what’s Rubio ever done? Anything? Other than his Gang of Eight Amnesty bill, can anyone think of anything Marco Rubio’s ever done? Anything at all besides amnesty? Marco Rubio looks good on TV, but that’s about it. Ted Cruz for President. Ted Cruz walks tall for what we believe. Standing up. Often standing alone. Ted Cruz makes things happen. After Sandy Hook, Ted Cruz stopped Obama’s push for new gun control laws. Obama’s plan to stop Israel flights amounted to an economic boycott. Ted Cruz stopped it. And when Chuck Schumer and Marco Rubio tried to push amnesty, it was Ted Cruz who stopped them. Rubio or Cruz? Which one do you trust?

The ad is to air in Iowa. There's a growing sense that Rubio and Cruz are headed toward confrontation over direction of the GOP.


--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times