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'The presidency's not a bookkeeping job,' Marco Rubio says, defending experience


Marco Rubio defended his qualifications for the White House in a Sunday interview on CBS News' Face the Nation, saying he has the right "ideas, "judgment" and "understanding" of major issues to be president.

"The presidency's not a bookkeeping job. It is not some glorified accounting job," Rubio said. "The job of a president is to craft a vision for America's future."

President Obama, the Florida Republican senator said, "has now been president for seven years. He has significant executive experience, and he's still making mistakes, in my opinion." Why? Because "his ideas do not work," Rubio argued.

"It is true that the presidency is not like being a U.S. senator. But it's not like being a governor," Rubio told John Dickerson. "There is no office in the world like the United States presidency. What I have shown over the last five years especially is judgment -- good judgment -- and underderstadning of the major issues before America, particularly on foreign policy. I do not believe there is anyone else in the race that's shown better judgment on the issues before america today than I have, and better understanding on them, especially on foreign policy."

Rubio also vowed not the "badmouth" other Republicans, in particular his friend and rival, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"You're never going to hear me badmouth him. He was a great governor of Florida. He's someone I have tremendous personal affection for," Rubio said.

He then seemed to aim at Bush, though without naming him: "I know there are people running that have more experience than I do on the issues we faced 17 years ago. But on the issues before America today, that's what we should be debating."