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Yet another complaint filed against pro-Marco Rubio 'dark money' group

via @learyreports

The political nonprofit running ads supporting Marco Rubio has become a magnet for election law complaints, the latest coming Monday with a group citing a lack of disclosure.

The liberal American Democracy Legal Fund writes to the FEC: “Because Conservative Solutions’ television advertisements expressly advocate for the election of Senator Rubio, they are independent expenditures. Senator Rubio has said that he has nothing to do with Conservative Solutions, which, if true, indicates Conservative Solutions’ advertisements were ‘not made in cooperation, consultation, or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of’ Senator Rubio or his campaign. As such, Conservative Solutions should have been filing independent-expenditure reports with the Commission.”

Read the complaint here.

American Democracy Legal Fund, which was started by Hillary Clinton ally David Brock, and some campaign finance watchdog groups have previously filed complaints with the FEC and Justice Department over the “dark money” group supporting Rubio. Conservative Solutions Project has raised at least $16 million. A similarly named PAC, which does have to disclose donors, has raised about as much.

Jeff Sadosky, a spokesman for Conservative Solutions Project, said: "It is clear that DC’s left-wing elites are incredibly afraid that a positive conservative message focused on solutions will put additional pressure on the Obama Administration and Congress to enact conservative policies that will actually address badly needed reforms.  As it has for the past two years, Conservative Solutions Project remains focused on one thing…advocating for a conservative agenda that will solve some of the most serious issues American families are facing."

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times