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After winning Florida Senate presidency, Negron posts a $97,000 day


The Senate presidency has its perks.

Already, Sen. Joe Negron is benefitting from it. On Tuesday, less than a week after he was formally named the chamber's next leader, the Stuart Republican's political committee posted $97,000 in campaign contributions.

Just eight days into December, Negron's committee -- Treasure Coast Alliance -- reported a bigger month than he had seen in a while. October and November were both comparatively dry ($51,250 and $6,500, respectively). They were slowed by a redistricting special session, during which fundraising is prohibited. And the slew of friends and wellwishers in Tallahassee last week for his designation certainly helps things.

Here are the biggest donors from Dec. 8 for Negron:

* Dental insurance company MCNA Health Care: $25,000

* Communications company Harris Corporation: $22,500

* Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers: $10,000

* Wal-Mart: $8,000

Sen. Jack Latavala, R-Clearwater, who last month ceded to Negron in a long fight for the presidency and controls a political committee that has long been deuling with Negron's had good start to the month as well, including a $10,000 check from Harris and $5,000 from Motorola. The two communications companies have battled over a state radio system contract.