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Cubans stranded in Costa Rica shouldn't get 'free entry' into U.S., Jeb Bush says


Costa Rica has moved to deport 56 Cuban migrants stranded along its border on their way to the U.S.

That's a local issue in heavily Cuban-American Miami-Dade County -- which means Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked about the issue by a Spanish-language reporter after his Hialeah campaign rally Monday.

"The rule of law must be respected," Bush said. "I don't know their exact condition there, but they don't have -- they shouldn't have, and I don't think they do have -- free entry into this country. We have to have an immigration system based on the law, and if those laws don't work, to change the law."

Bush was also asked about U.S. plans to step up deportations of immigrants in the country illegally, beginning in January.

He gave a similar answer.

"This has to be resolved lawfully," the former Florida governor said. "Congress must pass immigration reform. When I'm president that's exactly what I'm going to do. President Obama has had seven years to work with Congress. He hasn't done it. He wants to have this as part of a political plan to win votes."