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Following Paris attack, did White House rule out an ISIS attack at home as Joe Scarborough says?

President Barack Obama seems "clueless" on the threat of the Islamic State, said MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

"First of all he won’t even call it Islamic radicalism," said the former Florida Congressman on Morning Joe Dec. 4, the day after the deadly terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif. "His White House said, the weekend of Paris, that this couldn't happen in the United States. ISIS couldn't reach us here."

It’s accurate that Obama doesn’t call ISIS "Islamic radicalism" or "Islamic extremism." A reader asked us to look into the second part of Scarborough’s statement: that in the days following the Friday, Nov. 13 terrorist attack in Paris, the Obama administration said an ISIS attack couldn’t happen in the United States.

An MSNBC spokesperson directed us to comments made by Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, on ABC’s This Week on Nov. 15. But they don’t back up Scarborough’s claim in the least.

See what Lauren Carroll of PunditFact found.