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Have pilots avoided using weapon against ISIS to avoid civilian casualties as Jeb Bush says?

Former Gov. Jeb Bush blasted President Barack Obama’s response to Islamic State advances in Iraq and Syria, saying the White House has been creating too many bureaucratic hurdles for the military to clear.

The Obama administration must "take the lawyers off the war fighters' backs and let them go do the job and do it in concert with the neighborhood," Bush told George Stephanopoulos on the Dec. 6, 2015, episode of This Week.

"Up until recently, 75 percent of all the sorties that left the base came back without dropping their ordnances, because there was such a concern about making sure that there were no civilian casualties," Bush said. "The United States will always adhere to the international standards of war, but this administration has imposed even greater challenges."

We wanted to check whether Bush was correct about airstrikes on Islamic State.

See what Joshua Gillin of PolitiFact Florida found and here is Bush's Truth-O-Meter record.