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Jeb Bush moves staff from Miami to New Hampshire and other early states

Jeb Bush's presidential campaign announced today that it is moving staffers out of Miami headquarters to deploy more to the early states.

“Today, given the fluid race and the spending decisions by outside groups, we are making strategic adjustments with our resources to ensure we are in the most competitive position possible," said a statement from the Bush campaign. "We are excited about the massive Jeb army that will be spreading his message to voters on the ground in the February states and beyond.”

With the moves, the Bush campaign is moving about 60 additional staffers -- mostly from headquarters in Miami --  to early states in January. It will have over 40 paid staff in New Hampshire and 20 apiece in Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina.

"This will give Jeb by far the largest ground operation in the first four states," according to the press release. 

The campaign also announced changes to Right to Rise's TV ad buys by removing $3 million in scheduled ad buys and focus on voter contact instead. The Bush super PAC will remove $1 million in ads in Iowa and $2 million in South Carolina. That means that the amount of ad spending in the states between Dec. 28 and election days will total $3.9 million in Iowa, over $11 million in New Hampshire and $4.2 million in South Carolina.

A Bush spokeswoman said some staff will remain in Florida, but didn't provide a specific number.

This follows a downsizing of staff in the Miami headquarters in October.

The staff deployment is an effort by Bush to re-energize his campaign. A Real Clear Politics average of the polls Dec. 10-21 showed Bush at 4.4 percent behind Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Chris Christie.