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A preview of Marco Rubio's 30-minute TV ad in Iowa

via @learyreports

Iowans will see Marco Rubio this weekend, a lot.

Rubio's campaign Saturday and Sunday will air a 30-minute television spot in every market across the state. "The television special will present an opportunity for Iowans to see the genuine passion that Marco has shared at town halls all across Iowa. For those in the Hawkeye State who have not been able to make it to one of Marco's events, they will get to experience one of his recent town halls from their own living room," the campaign said.

The campagin encouraged viewers to tweet "#HeyMarco" to get questions answered about the caucuses and learn more about the candidate. "They will also have an opportunity to call-in to a line set up for Iowans to get questions answered."

For some reason the campaign did not release the 30-minute spot; it provided this sample instead.


--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times