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Asked about U.S.-Cuba policy, Donald Trump notes Miami friendships


WEST DES MOINES -- Donald Trump cited his close business ties to Miami on Tuesday as part of the reason why he thinks President Barack Obama should have asked the Cuban government for more concessions to normalize diplomatic relations with the U.S.

"Opening up Cuba now is OK. It's been 50 years. It's a long time," Trump said on Fox News Channel's Special Report with Bret Baier. "I'm down in Miami. I have tremendous holdings in Miami. I deal with tremendous numbers of Cubans and Hispanics and have great relationships in Miami with peoplee. I own Doral, I own Trump National Doral."

Baier had asked Trump if he would build a Havana hotel "even if it benefited the Castro brothers."

Trump didn't answer that question. Instead, he launched into one of his favorite critiques of the Obama administration in particular and government in general: that it doesn't negotiate as well as he does in his real-estate business.

"I think that it's fine to open up Cuba, I think it's good, but I think that we're giving away a lot," he said, comparing it to the nuclear agreement among the U.S., Iran and several other countries. In September, Trump had also called the U.S.-Cuba rapprochement "fine."

"I'm all for Cuba, opening it up, but I do think -- I do think if it's gonna open up, we should make at least a reasonably sane deal, not the deal that we're making right now."