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Boston Globe: Marco Rubio says Jeb Bush was 'missing in action' for years


The Boston Globe caught up with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in New Hampshire this week. Rubio took a swing at Republican presidential rival Jeb Bush, alluding to the fact that Bush was out of the political fray from the end of his term as Florida governor in 2006 until last year.

Rubio also said Bush, his onetime mentor, lacked the partisan fire to mount a strong fight against the Democratic nominee. “Governor Bush, while we’ve been having these big fights against Barack Obama, he’s been missing in action,” Rubio said.

Bush, in his own Globe interview, countered Rubio doesn't have the kind of executive experience needed for the White House -- or the conviction to stand by his proposals.

“Marco’s record is not one of — he hasn’t been in a position where he’s had to make a tough decision,” Bush said. “And when he had a chance to make a tough decision, which I was pleased that he did — which was the immigration bill — he cut and run.”

Read the Globe story here.