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No regrets from Jeb Bush on Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law


A New Hampshire voter interrupted Jeb Bush at a campaign event Tuesday, bringing up the 2012 shooting death of Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin.

The former Florida governor had touted his pro-gun rights record. "To this day we continue to see a dramatic reduction in gun violence," he said in the town of Derry.

"Trayvon Martin would disagree," a woman interjected.

"Well, the facts are the facts," Bush replied.

In a follow-up interview, Jim DeFede of Miami Herald news parter WFOR-CBS 4 asked Bush if he regretted any aspects of the controversial "Stand Your Ground" legislation enacted while he was in office. (A jury acquitted Trayvon shooter George Zimmerman in 2013.)

"I don't, no," Bush said. "I think it's a part of a suite of laws that were passed that have reduced gun violence."

"Do you think justice was served in the Trayvon Martin case?" DeFede asked.

"Look, I wasn't on the jury," Bush said. "I trust the judicial system in Florida and our country. My heart goes out to his family."