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Attorney General Loretta Lynch to visit Miami for policing tour

Attorney General Loretta Lynch will visit Miami as part of her national community policing tour.

Lynch will visit six jurisdictions around the country that have excelled in each of the six pillars discussed in the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing final report: (1) Building Trust and Legitimacy; (2) Policy and Oversight; (3) Technology and Social Media; (4) Community Policing and Crime Reduction; (5) Officer Training and Education; and (6) Officer Safety and Wellness.  The trip to Miami Dade County will highlight Pillar 1 – Building Trust and Legitimacy.  Lynch will also visit Portland, Oregon; Indianapolis; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Phoenix; and Los Angeles; in the coming months.  

While in Miami-Dade County, Lynch will be joined by U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer.

Lynch will hold an event at the Doral Police Department on Thursday and Booker T. Washington High School  and Miami-Dade College on Friday morning. 

“One of my top priorities as Attorney General is strengthening relationships between law enforcement officers and the communities we serve and protect,” Lynch said. “During the second phase of my community policing tour, I will be highlighting some of the innovative efforts underway around the country to build trust, foster cooperation, and enhance public safety.  I look forward to meeting with law enforcement officers, local leaders, and residents in the weeks and months ahead to discuss how we can ensure that every American benefits from neighborhoods that are supportive, safe, and strong.” 

Ferrer said: “We in South Florida are proud of the work we have done to implement the recommendations outlined in the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. Through active engagement and meaningful dialogue, members of law enforcement work hard to build trust with the communities they serve.  As an example of this approach, the City of Doral Police Department has adopted the Blue Courage initiative, a training and leadership development course which focuses on how to enhance their officers' effectiveness and relationships with the citizens they serve.  Many other local departments have also developed robust community policing initiatives.  During Attorney General Loretta Lynch's visit this week, we will share strategies and continue to identify and cultivate the best practices for creating stronger and safer communities.”