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Is Donald Trump self-funding his campaign? Sort of

President Donald Trump wouldn’t be beholden to special interests, he says.

Why? Because billionaires aren’t paying for his campaign.

"You know a lot of times you see these really dumb deals," he said of current political leaders at an Iowa rally Feb. 1. "And you'll say that's dumb. It doesn't make sense. But then when you think, it does make sense because these politicians are representing interests, whether it's a country or a company, where doing the stupid deals actually makes sense only for that politician and for that company or country."

In contrast, Trump said, "I'm self-funding my own campaign. It's my money."

Trump talks about self-funding his own campaign almost every day, it seems, so it’s about time we put it on the Truth-O-Meter.

The fact is, Trump’s campaign isn’t 100 percent self-funded. He receives a significant amount of individual donations. But he does have a point that he puts up a lot of his own money, especially compared with other candidates (and that big-money donors are largely staying away).

See what Lauren Carroll of PolitiFact found.