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Joe Garcia's internal poll shows him leading Annette Taddeo

An internal poll done by Joe Garcia's Congressional campaign shows him leading Democratic rival Annette Taddeo 34-24.

The poll was done by the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling firm Jan. 15-18 of 441 Democratic voters in the district which spans parts of Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

"The poll is a reflection of the support Joe has received since entering the race," said Juan Penalosa, an advisor for the Garcia campaign. "Joe is leading by large margins across the board, including a 15 point lead among women."  

Taddeo's campaign manager Shaun Daniels said: "Whether on election day in 2014 or in his own polling, Joe Garcia just can’t seem to get to 50%. This poll is great news for the Taddeo Campaign. It is not surprising that a former incumbent holds a slight lead.”

We'll note that internal polls come with a large grain of salt -- particularly when they are done about seven months before the primary. But due to redistricting, District 26 leans more left than in the past and this could be the hottest Congressional primary contest in South Florida.

This poll previously reported by Politico.