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Marco Rubio compares spending on taxes to household needs

A Web ad from Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has gotten a lot of attention for a case of geographic mistaken identity: The narrator says "It’s morning again in America" -- while showing a video clip from Vancouver, Canada.

The Rubio campaign told BuzzFeed it was unintentional.

But there’s also a serious public policy claim in that ad.

"Today, more men and women are out of work than ever before in our nation’s history," the narrator says. "People paying more in taxes than they will for food, housing and clothing combined."

We’ve looked how many people are out of work in other fact-checks. In January 2016, the unemployment rate was 4.9 percent, its lowest level since February 2008.

Here, we wanted to look at the claim that people are paying more in taxes than for food, housing and clothing.

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