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Ron DeSantis, David Jolly spar over fundraising in Florida race for U.S. Senate

via @adamsmithtimes

Republican U.S. Senate candidate David Jolly tried to bury his weak latest fundraising report, by releasing it on a Sunday. Ron DeSantis responded:

The Ron DeSantis for Florida campaign released the following statement after news that the campaign had raised nearly twice as much ($772K) as the Senate campaigns of Republicans David Jolly ($112K) and [Carlos] Lopez-Cantera ($318K) in the 4th quarter of 2015. The DeSantis for Florida campaign finished 2015 with $2.6m cash on hand – far more than any of his opponents.

“It’s become clear that Ron DeSantis is the only candidate who will have both the resources necessary and the conservative grassroots support to beat Patrick Murphy or Alan Grayson in November,” said Brad Herold, campaign manager for Ron DeSantis for Florida. “One of our opponents has already given up on fundraising or running a serious campaign while the other continues to struggle. Conservatives throughout Florida are uniting behind our campaign because Congressman DeSantis is the only candidate who will keep Florida’s Senate seat in Republican hands.” 

And the Jolly campaign responded too, even tossing in an attack video for good measure:

"Ron DeSantis is bragging about how much money he raised during the same period ISIS was terrorizing Paris and San Bernardino," said Max Goodman, Jolly's Political Director. 

"Sadly, it's the only part of his political career he attends to, as evidenced by his recent missed votes to hang out with mega donors and college kids in Vegas, while Rep. Jolly and his House colleagues were attending to legislation to fund our veterans, law enforcement, and 9/11 first responders.  Clearly votes aren't the only thing DeSantis has missed - he's also missed the biggest news of the last week that 84% of Florida voters think Members of Congress spend too much time raising money, and he's missed that 10 editorial boards across the state have now come out in support of David Jolly's STOP Act to prohibit members of Congress from cheating taxpayers by fundraising on official time....If the voters are looking for a stark contrast of Jolly the frontrunner and DeSantis the fundraiser, we've nicely packaged it here:"


--ADAM C. SMITH, Tampa Bay Times