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'We'll win in Florida,' Marco Rubio says


Now that Jeb Bush is out of the presidential race, Marco Rubio predicted Wednesday that he'll be victorious in their home state of Florida in the March 15 presidential primary.

"We'll win in Florida," Rubio told CBS This Morning after coming second in Nevada's Republican caucuses. "Now that Gov. Bush is no longer in the race -- he and I split up a lot of the support in Florida."

He didn't mention that polls have shown front-runner Donald Trump leading the GOP field. Those polls, though, came before Bush dropped out.

Still, Rubio acknowledged he will need other rivals to leave the race before he can try to consolidate support against Trump. Trump won 46 percent of the Nevada vote, his biggest number yet. Rubio trailed by 20 percentage points.

"It's important to take a deep breath here," Rubio said. He pointed to Florida and other states that will award their nominating delegates in winner-take-all fashion -- rather than proportionally -- beginning March 15. The implication is that a candidate who nabs a lot of those large states at once can make a big leap in the race. Rubio made no mention about how he might do in next Tuesday's Super Tuesday states.

He confirmed he has spoken to Bush but has not yet asked for his support.

"We haven't discussed an endorsement," he said. "We're friends, and I look forward to visiting with him soon."