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Did Donald Trump ban disabled veterans from Trump Tower?


A PAC supporting Marco Rubio says Donald Trump mistreats those less fortunate than him -- including disabled veterans.

Trump "bans disabled veterans from his high rise," states the ad by the Conservative Solutions PAC. The ad has aired in San Francisco and multiple markets in Florida, including Miami and Tampa.

Did the New York billionaire give the boot to disabled veterans from his high rise? No, he didn’t do that. Instead, he wanted to ban disabled veterans who were given special licenses to peddle from selling their wares in front of his high rise.

"It is simply not true and a misrepresentation of the facts in every way," Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told PolitiFact Florida.

A few days after the ad started running on TV, the PAC changed the wording of the line about veterans. We are putting the ad’s original claim on the Truth-O-Meter, but we will explain how and why the PAC tweaked the wording.

Photo credit Reuters.