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Florida defends early voting after Donald Trump calls it 'dishonest'

From the Associated Press:

Florida officials say they have received no complaints about problems with early voting despite an assertion by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that there were attempts to "rig the vote."

Meredith Beatrice, a spokeswoman for Florida's secretary of state, says on Saturday state officials have received no formal complaints about election fraud during this year's presidential primary. The primary is Tuesday but early voting has been going on for at least a week in some counties.

Republican front-runner Trump said on Twitter that his campaign was "asking for law enforcement to check for dishonest early voting in Florida." He also stated that he had heard that some Republicans may be trying to "rig the vote" for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. The campaign has provided no examples.

Florida has earned a reputation for troubled elections in the past.

Here are Trump's tweets: