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Norman Braman heads Carlos Lopez-Cantera's campaign finance team


Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera has snagged Miami auto billionaire Norman Braman to head the finance team for Lopez-Cantera's U.S. Senate campaign.

Also on the list is former Florida House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, who served with Lopez-Cantera in Tallahassee. Both Braman and Hasner have significantly helped Marco Rubio run for president. Lopez-Cantera is vying in a crowded field for Rubio's seat.

"I'm honored to have such a tremendous team of individuals working to make sure Floridians' values are represented in the U.S. Senate," Lopez-Cantera said in a statement. "This race is too important for Florida, and our campaign will ensure we have the resources necessary to win in August and November. We look forward to continuing to get our message of Florida values and results out across the state, and I cannot thank the team enough for their support."

Here's the full finance team, which includes many Miami-based supporters of Rubio and of former presidential candidate Jeb Bush:

Statewide Chairs
Norman Braman
Nick Iarossi
Fred Karlinsky
Bernie Navarro
Trey Traviesa
Dr. Peter A. Wish
Financial Leadership Team Members
Cesar L. Alvarez
Roy Altman
Max Alvarez
Gerret Copeland Jr.
Eric DelPino
Remedio Diaz-Oliver
Paul DiMare
Dr. Daniel Dosoretz
The Honorable E. Vernon Douglas
Don Everett Jr.
Don Everett Sr.
Blake Fletcher
Cotton Fletcher
Rudy Fernandez
Ralph Garcia-Toledo
Jon Hage
Adam Hasner
Eric Holm
Melissa and Ian Howard
Ezra Katz
Cody Khan
Ron Krongold
Benjamin Leon Jr.
Benjamin Leon Sr.
Nick Loeb
Steven Marin
Pedro Martin
Albert Maury
Seth McKeel
Victor Mendelson
Dr. Claudio Miro
Anita Mitchell
Rick Morales
Bertica Cabrera Morris
Toby and Maggie Overdorf
Don Phillips
Danny Qubain
Jimmy Resnick
Rocky Rodriguez
Domingo Sanchez
Justin Sayfie
Scott Singer
Dr. Barry Silverman
Keith Sonderling
Charles Stuzin 

"Serving with Carlos Lopez-Cantera in the Florida Legislature, I was able to see his steadfast, commonsense approach to achieving actual results for Floridians. Carlos has always been about results not rhetoric, and that’s why I’m proud to serve as a member of his finance committee. We will ensure Carlos has the resources to win in both August and November, so we can send a Florida Republican to Washington, D.C.," Hasner said in the statement.

"I have known Carlos Lopez-Cantera for years, and I am enthusiastic to join the finance team in his race for the U.S. Senate. He’s an outsider who has consistently stood up for Floridians at every turn in his career. Carlos stood with me as we worked to recall a Mayoral election when it wasn’t the popular thing to do, but rather, it was the right thing to do. Throughout his career, Carlos has never been afraid to do the right thing, not the easy thing, and that is why I am so proud Carlos Lopez-Cantera will be our next U.S. Senator from Florida," Braman said in the statement.