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Palm Beach prosecutor Dave Aronberg, Hillary Clinton backer, says politics won't play role in Donald Trump manager case

The Palm Beach Post wrote about the role of the county's state attorney, Dave Aronberg, in the case involving Donald Trump's campaign manager. Aronberg, a Democrat, vows that party affiliation won't play a role and he has some ties to a few of the presidential candidates:

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, whose office will decide whether to pursue misdemeanor battery charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, is a Democratic Hillary Clinton donor who knew Ted Cruz in law school and has close ties to Republican Attorney General and Trump endorser Pam Bondi.

Politics won’t be a factor in deciding whether to prosecute Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Aronberg said Wednesday, and some prominent local Republicans have given Aronberg high marks for the way he’s run his office since his 2012 election.

But theorizing about political motives has already begun, with some conservative outlets drawing attention to the Clinton campaign’s November rollout of a 150-member “Florida Leadership Council” that includes Aronberg. Aronberg also contributed $1,000 to Clinton in January.

“COREY PROSECUTOR OUTED AS HILLARY SUPPORTER,” the Drudge Report blared on Wednesday, linking to an article that erroneously reported that Aronberg had “brought battery charges” against Lewandowski. While the Jupiter Police Department determined there is probable cause to charge Lewandowski, Aronberg’s office stressed on Wednesday that it has not yet received any information on the case to determine whether to prosecute.

“Law enforcement charges on a probable cause standard. The state has to proceed on a legally higher standard of proof, which is beyond a reasonable doubt as well as whether there is a reasonable likelihood of a conviction,” Aronberg said in a statement released Wednesday.

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