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Would Marco Rubio still support Donald Trump if he's nominee? 'I don't know. It's getting harder every day'


A visibly despairing (and exhausted) Marco Rubio admitted to reporters Saturday morning that he's struggling with the idea of supporting presidential rival Donald Trump if Trump becomes the Republican nominee.

"I don't know," Rubio said before a rally in Largo. "It's getting harder every day."


He equivocated the day after Trump canceled a Chicago rally, spurring clashes among protesters and supporters, and several arrests. Thursday night, Trump's rivals were given the chance in a debate to condemn previous violence at the front-runner's rallies, but they were careful with what they said -- and then unleashed much stronger criticism Friday night and Saturday morning.

Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to blame "thugs" for protesting the candidate's presence.

A CBS News reporter was also detained, which the network's president denounced.

Trump will be in Boca on Sunday and Doral on Monday. Last time he was in Doral, in October, a protester was roughed up by crowd members as he was being escorted out of the hall.