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Broward and Palm Beach presidential convention delegates chosen

Broward and Palm Beach delegates to the Republican National Convention were chosen Saturday. 

Here's the list from Robert Sutton who heads up the Broward Republican Executive Committee:

Congressional District 20 Delegates: Rico Petrocelli,Roger Gingerich, and Daniel Diaz. Alternate Delegates: Patrick Castronovo, Terence O;Laughlin, and Camille Grizzaffi Petrocelli.

Congressional District 21 Delegates: Robert W. Sutton, Maureen Yeager, and Tami Donnally. Alternate Delegates: Marion Frank, Jay Goldfarb, and Richard Eddins.

Congressional District 22 Delegates: Cindy Tindell, Gay Gaines, and Edward Pozzuoli. Alternate Delegates: Michael A. Barnett, Sue Sue Walton Snowden, and Albert Massey.

Barnett, who heads up the Palm Beach GOP and is a fan of Donald Trump, said he is confident in the delegates chosen and is happy to be an alternate.

"It was my decision," he said, in terms of being a delegate. "There were other people who had not had the chance to go to a convention who have done a lot for the party. I didn't mind going as an alterbate."