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Ex Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl will run for George Moraitis' seat in state House

Former Broward County Commissioner Ken Keechl, a Democrat, announced today that he will run for a eastern Broward house seat currently held by Republican George Moraitis.

Keechl served one term on the county commission -- including a year as mayor, a position chosen by his colleagues. Amid questions about his campaign spending, he was ousted by Republican Chip LaMarca in 2010. Keechl lost a bid for a separate county commission seat in 2012 and then lost a rematch to LaMarca in 2014.

Both Keechl and Moraitis are lawyers in live in Fort Lauderdale. Douglas Oberman, a Democrat, has also filed in District 93. Moraitis, who was first elected in 2010 and has easily won re-elections, has raised about $90,000 so far.

House District 93 is one of the rare competitive districts in left-leaning Broward. It has slightly more registered Republican (41,186) than Democratic (39,482) voters and has 30,485 independents.

From Keechl's press release:

"My opponent has spent the last six years in Tallahassee voting for every piece of anti-woman and anti-LGBT legislation to cross his desk, to allow the dangerous practice of fracking, and to cut education funding by $1.3 billion, all the while denying the looming threat of climate change to our community. When I’m in Tallahassee, I will fight for the rights of every Floridian no matter who they love, their gender, or their ethnicity, to find responsible solutions to combat the threat of climate change and to ban fracking, and to provide our public schools with the resources our students and teachers need to give every child the excellent education they deserve. It’s time to take the power back from the special interests and put the people in charge in again.”

From Moraitis: "While I appreciate his prior service as a county commissioner, Ken Keechl has lost his last two elections and it is interesting that he did not mention a word about Florida’s economy, creating jobs, or supporting Port Everglades in his campaign announcement.  I will also note that we recently passed a state budget that invests a historical record amount in our public schools in addition to nearly 200 million dollars in Everglades restoration to improve our environment."