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FL Legislature eliminates the Dade Medical College loophole


Dade Medical College was once so powerful that it could get a law changed — and it did.

Three years ago, Florida lawmakers created a loophole that allowed the politically connected for-profit college to offer unaccredited degrees in the field of physical therapy assistant. The degrees were a bad deal for students, and physical therapy practitioners were horrified.

Nowadays, Dade Medical is out of business, and the Legislature apparently has some concerns about for-profit college abuses. So lawmakers this session reversed course.

And the Dade Medical loophole is no more.

In recent weeks, lawmakers quietly reinstated the tougher accreditation standards that used to exist — tacking the provision onto a wide-ranging Department of Health bill during the final weeks of the legislative session. The measure passed both the House and Senate easily, and is now awaiting Gov. Rick Scott’s signature.

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