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Florida Gov. Rick Scott calls for delegates to rally around Donald Trump

As controversy continues about Florida GOP leaders choosing delegates to the convention, Gov. Rick Scott avoided a question about delegate selection but still showed support for Donald Trump while in Broward Monday.

When asked if the Republican Party of Florida should mostly appoint Trump supporters since he won the Florida primary, Scott said: “you'd have to go talk to RPOF.”

When asked if Trump should be the nominee if he enters the convention with the most votes and delegates but doesn’t have a majority, Scott said: “Donald Trump will either have a majority of delegates or he will be very close. If we want to win in November we don’t want four more years of Barack Obama’s policies that are injuring our families. If Trump is in that position we need to rally around him.”

Scott didn’t directly answer a question about whether Congress should pass $1.9 billion to fight Zika as requested by Obama. Instead, he recapped the state’s efforts to deal with Zika including the requests to get additional test kits from the Centers for Disease Control. When asked about the funding a second time, he said:

“I don’t know exactly what the right number should be but I think we have to take this seriously.”

Scott wouldn’t answer a question about who he will support for state insurance commissioner at next week’s Cabinet meeting.

Scott answered political questions briefly Monday after holding a ceremonial bill signing at the David Posnack Jewish Community for a Holocaust memorial to be constructed in Tallahassee.