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Miamian recruits women for Ted Cruz coalition


Just because the presidential primary is long gone from Florida doesn't mean dedicated supporters of the remaining candidates are taking a break.

Take Lourdes Castillo de la Peña, an enthusiastic Ted Cruz backer.

The Miamian helped bring Cruz to town ahead of Florida's March 15 primary (won on the Republican side by Donald Trump) and held a fundraiser featuring Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz. Now she's recruiting members for a "Women for Cruz" coalition formed after Trump posted an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz on Twitter.

"My mission is to get a representative from every county," Castillo de la Peña said. She called Cruz the most qualified potential First Lady, and argued most "average American women" can relate to her. Cruz, who served in the George W. Bush administration, is on leave from her job in Houston for Goldman Sachs.

"We all identify with her at some point," Castillo de la Peña said.

She added that, despite her passion for the campaign, she's not vying for one of the delegate spots for July's GOP convention. Miami-Dade County Republicans will choose their delegates Saturday in Hialeah.