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Rick Scott: 'we'll need to elect another great governor'

In praising conservative principles at work in government during a speech in New Port Richey on Tuesday night, Gov. Rick Scott was sure to thank a mostly GOP-crowd for electing a majority of Republicans to the Florida Legislature and to the Florida Cabinet over the years.

Scott told the Republicans at the Ronald Reagan Dinner, sponsored by the Pasco County Republican Party, it's because of that the state is doing so well.

"Every day I can go around the state and say you can get a job in this state," Scott said, touting the state's jobs gains since he was elected governor in 2010.

 But Scott said more needs to be done in the future.

"I have two years and 8 or 9 months to go," Scott told the crowd. "This is a great job. We'll need to elect another great governor."

Quickly realizing he had just called himself great, Scott laughed and joked that of course people in the audience know he's great, which prompted the audience to laugh along.