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Uber hires ex-Marco Rubio adviser, growing Florida team


Uber's growing its Florida team as it faces big local votes to try to regulate its ride-for-hire services.

The company has hired Javi Correoso as its public affairs manager for the state. Correoso is fresh off Marco Rubio's Republican presidential campaign, where he worked as the Florida and national Hispanic engagement adviser. Correoso, who also wprled on Rubio's 2010 Senate campaign, served as a public face for the late presidential candidate on Spanish-language TV and radio.

He was previously a spokesman for the 2014 statewide campaign against a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana, and he consulted on U.S. House and Senate races for the LIBRE Initiative, a conservative Hispanic nonprofit backed by the billionaire Koch brothers. Before that, Correoso was a senior aide to then-U.S. Rep. David Rivera, and executive director of the Miami-Dade Republican Party.

Uber is hoping to pass a law in Tallahassee next year regulating ride-for-hire companies. A similar effort died in the Legislature this year. The service is outlawed in places like Miami-Dade County, which has an Uber vote planned for next month, and is struggling with local governments in Tampa and Jacksonville.