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California Seethin': Gov. Scott's trip brings blast of bad press

First the video at the Gainesville Starbucks that went viral. Now this.

Gov. Rick Scott sure has a knack for attracting publicity to Florida. But it's the worst kind.

Columnist Tim Grobaty of the Long Beach Press Telegram labels Scott's job-poaching journey to Los Angeles this week as that of a "full-blown stalker."

Just getting warmed up, he goes on to describe Florida as "utterly uninhabitable" during the summer months, "with the humidity surpassing the state's median IQ."

Not exactly the kind of stuff you find in the talking points for promoting economic development in Florida.

He also writes of mosquitoes the size of SPAM cans and sinkholes that swallow entire neighborhoods, and says Florida leads or nearly leads the nation in hjust about every negative category, beginning with "health care fraud." Read the column here.