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Pam Keith, the other Florida Democrat running for U.S. Senate


While Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson attack one another in an increasingly bitter battle to become Florida Democrats’ candidate for U.S. Senate, Pam Keith is quietly turning heads to present herself as an alternative contender.

The 47-year-old labor attorney and former naval officer has flown under the radar, criss-crossing the state for months to build support in her bid for Florida’s open seat.

She’s been in the race longer than any of the seven other major candidates, Republicans or Democrats. But without much money, few endorsements and barely any consideration in statewide polls, Keith remains unknown to most Floridians.

She knows the odds. But she also knows there’s 90 days left to persuade Democratic voters that they should choose her in what is a closely watched race that could decide which party controls the U.S. Senate next year.

Keith, a Miami resident, also has a possible opening: A significant portion of voters are still undecided, and the flaws of Murphy and Grayson — two sitting U.S. congressmen — are getting more attention, potentially turning off the party’s more independent voters.

“I don’t think it’s a good dynamic for the Democratic Party to offer a slate of insider millionaire candidates in a season where people are clamoring for outsiders,” she said.

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