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Pam Bondi on CNN: 'I've never said I don't like gay people'


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on Tuesday defended her actions two years ago to fight same-sex marriage during a tense interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Cooper questioned if it were a "sick irony" for Bondi to say in interviews since the shootings in Orlando that anyone who attacks the gay community will be gone after to the fullest extent of the law when she argued in court years ago that allowing marriage equality would "impose significant public harm." He said there are people in the gay community who think she's a hypocrite for her actions.

Cooper asked Bondi if she saw herself as a champion of the gay community.

Bondi responded that she was defending the state constitution, as she is sworn to defend.

"I've never said I don't like gay people," Bondi said. "That's ridiculous."

A 4-minute clip of the interview is posted on CNN.com; CNN reporter Brian Stelter also tweeted out a longer, 5-1/2 minute version (above).