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Democratic convention showcases Florida women


PHILADELPHIA -- Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum won't be the only -- or even the first -- Florida politician to take the microphone at the Democratic National Convention.

Three women from the Sunshine State went on stage Tuesday night as part of a group address by Democratic women in Congress. Though many women, including Miami Gardens Rep. Frederica Wilson, joined House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, only a few got to say something.

Among those were U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel of West Palm Beach and Val Demings and Stephanie Murphy, both Orlando-area congressional candidates. Demings in particular appeared to shine; Florida party leaders consider the former Orlando police chief a potential star.

Here are the three women's remarks, as prepared for delivery:


I'm Congresswoman Lois Frankel of Florida. I'm the proud mother of a United States Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our men and women in uniform, our veterans, and our military families give everything to our country. They embody our highest ideals: service, selflessness, and bravery.

We owe them a debt of gratitude we can never fully repay. As Democrats, we believe we have a responsibility to ensure every veteran gets the support, the health care, the education, and the job training he or she needs to succeed. And we're proud to stand behind Hillary Clinton, a candidate with clear plans to improve the lives of our veterans. Our veterans fought to protect our freedom and our security. We are a stronger America because of their sacrifice, and we owe them a strong future of honor and opportunity.



I'm Stephanie Murphy, and I'm running to represent Florida in the House alongside these remarkable women! After 9/11, I left a job in the corporate world to become a National Security Specialist for the Secretary of Defense.

Democrats know a stronger America means confronting the threats around the world – without blinking and without undermining our values. Democrats are strengthening our fight against terror by working with our allies, not abandoning them.

Democrats know we need to be strong and smart to destroy ISIS and protect America, not reckless and rash. Democrats are ensuring our military has the resources they need to do their job. And our military knows how to do their job better than anyone else in the world!


My name is Val Demings, and I'm running for Congress in the great state of Florida. I spent 27 years on the Orlando police force and had the honor of serving as Orlando's first woman chief of police.

I know firsthand the tragedy that gun violence inflicts on families in America. And after 49 people were murdered at a nightclub in Orlando last month, let me tell you: our city takes it personally that Congress refuses to disarm hate. You don't need to be a police chief to know that our communities are less safe when criminals and suspected terrorists can walk into gun shops or gun shows and leave with a weapon.

On issue after issue, it's the leadership of women that makes a stronger America. With Hillary Clinton in the White House and these strong House Democratic women, together with women and families all across our nation, we will show the world what this statement really means: When Women Succeed, America Succeeds!