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Florida House candidate uses Pokémon Go to lure voters


Democrat Dan Horton is trying to catch ’em all.

On Saturday, Horton, a candidate for the state House, attracted Pokémon Go players to a campaign event in Key West by using in-game items to show his event's location on players' smartphones. Once people showed up to Horton’s event in Bayview Park they were able to catch rare Pokémon that were lured to the park.

“On Saturday, his campaign used the game to attract something even more elusive than rare Pokémon... young voters,” a Horton campaign press release said.

Horton, 30, is running in House District 120, which encompasses the Florida Keys and a swath of South Miami-Dade. He will challenge Kevin Diaz in the Democratic primary. Incumbent Holly Raschein is unopposed in the Republican primary.

Pokémon Go, which now has more users than Twitter, is a free game that uses a cell phone’s GPS and clock to determine where the player is located, then virtual Pokémon appear on the smartphone’s map. The app is the newest iteration of a Nintendo-owned series that once included trading cards and hand-held video games.

Pokemon and Politics 1 (1)