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Patrick Murphy leaves trail of crumbs for friendly super PACs

via @learyreports

Senate candidate Patrick Murphy appears to be providing another how-to guide for Super PACs that might just want to cut an ad on his behalf.

Tucked away on Murphy’s website is a document highlighting Murphy’s positions on certain issues and attacking fellow Democrat Alan Grayson. A different document was in that place on Tuesday and for some reason was replaced after the Tampa Bay Times inquired.

Murphy’s campaign did not respond to a question Tuesday but did after a second inquiry Wednesday afternoon. “Our website is full of information for voters and supporters to learn more about why Patrick is the best candidate for Florida's middle class,” spokeswoman Galia Slayen wrote.

The situation is notable because it shows how campaigns can indirectly communicate with outside groups. Earlier this year, we noted how Murphy had put on the site “b-roll” video of himself interacting with people - a clear invite for ad makers.

It’s also notable because Democrat Murphy has denounced the role of super PACs, even though his father has contributed greatly to those supporting his political rise.

“Of course I'm going to have videos and pictures on my website," he said in an interview earlier this year. When told it appeared to be an invite for an outside group, he flatly responded, "It's just a video."

Murphy notes he's been endorsed by a group seeking to end super PACs and says he supports legislation to do so.

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times