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Poll: Medical marijuana at 77-percent support


The group behind a constitutional amendment to expand medical marijuana in Florida says it has widespread support among voters for the November election.

United for Care released a poll Monday showing 77 percent of likely voters support their constitutional amendment and 20 percent oppose it.

"I'm obviously pleased at these levels of support, but I'm also not surprised," campaign manager Ben Pollara said in a statement. "The notion of allowing medical decisions to be made by doctors and patients, not politicians, is simply not controversial. Floridians are compassionate and they know that marijuana can help alleviate suffering."

It takes 60 percent support to amend the state constitution, and a similar measure fell just short in 2014.

The poll was funded by United for Care and conducted by Anzalone Liszt Research. Pollsters read the ballot language to respondents, according to a press reelase.

Still, the election is months away, and advertising against the amendment has been minimal. A group called No on 2 launched a campaign against it, and developer Mel Sembler says he plans to raise at least $10 million to kill the amendment.