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Pollster Frank Luntz's lucrative relationship with the incoming Florida House speaker

via @adamsmithtimes

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- The highlight of the Florida Republican delegation's opening breakfast Monday was a speech from GOP pollster and wordsmith (death tax, not estate tax) Frank Luntz. He mixed a stand up comedy routine with advice on how Republican can more effectively communicate and target their messages.

The kickoff breakfast was hosted by incoming Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, whom Luntz showered with praise.

"These are very significant times, and I think you're a very significant leader," Luntz said of Corcoran. "And what I appreciate and respect so much about you is that I can talk to you, I can listen to you. You're a real guy. You're so incredibly principled, and you fight for your beliefs. But you do so in suc a respectful and decent way. I mean you're a role model."

Corcoran has also been an employer, hiring Luntz for consulting work when he worked for former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio and again when he was elected to the legislature himself. The state GOP and Corcoran's political committee have paid Luntz more than $455,000.

--ADAM C. SMITH, Tampa Bay Times