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Trump denies ties to Russia in Jim DeFede interview

Donald Trump gave an interview to CBS4's Jim DeFede on Tuesday one day before his speech to the media at Trump National Doral.

In the interview, Trump denied ties to Russia and talked about the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Trayvon Martin's mother and Bernie Sanders.

From CBS4:

In his most extensive remarks on allegations that Russia is attempting to influence the presidential election in his favor, Republican nominee Donald Trump flatly denied any ties to the Russian government or Russian investors.

“I can tell you I think if I came up with that they’d say, ‘Oh, it’s a conspiracy theory, it’s ridiculous,’” Trump told CBS4’s Jim DeFede during an interview at his golf resort in Doral. “I mean I have nothing to do with Russia. I don’t have any jobs in Russia. I’m all over the world but we’re not involved in Russia.”

The Russian link stems from the recent hacking of the Democratic National Committee emails which have proven highly embarrassing to the Democratic Party and its nominee, Hillary Clinton. The emails showed how DNC officials favored Clinton during the primaries.

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