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Florida state Senate candidate distributes fliers bashing opponent who is no longer campaigning


Ana Rivas Logan may have suspended her bid for state Senate, but apparently she's still a threat to siphon votes in the District 40 race.

The Andrew Korge campaign sent fliers this week likening Rivas Logan, a former Republican state Rep., to Donald Trump.

IMG_1914 (1)

"Ana Rivas Logan and Donald Trump are like two peas in a pod," the flier reads, with their heads superimposed to look like peas. 

The flier goes on to attack Rivas Logan's voting record in the Florida House on guns, public education and abortion. 

While Rivas Logan announced her intentions to suspend her campaign, she will still appear on the Aug. 30 primary ballot because she qualified to run for office. That means less votes for Korge and Dwight Bullard.  

"No doubt it's an oddity," Korge campaign consultant Steve Vancore said of the decision to attack a candidate who is no longer actively campaigning.

"It was a purposeful mailer. She's known, she's a former state rep. and on the ballot as a Democrat," Vancore said.

Vancore said that Rivas Logan's decision to stop campaigning wasn't mentioned on the flier because "there's only so much bandwidth" on campaign mailers.

"Some voters will walk in and see the 'D' next to her name," Vancore said. "She has a nearly 100 percent voting record with the Republican Party."  

A campaign consultant with the former Rivas Logan campaign could not be immediately reached for comment.