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Fundraising email for Miami-Dade mayor asked for checks "one last time." Then came the runoff.


How confident was Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez's camp heading into Tuesday's primary, which saw the incumbent forced into a November runoff with Raquel Regalado?

Gimenez's chief fundraiser sent out an email the week before telling donors they only had a little bit of time left to make a donation before the effort came to an end.

"Well, I know you are going to miss all my fundraising emails for Mayor Carlos Gimenez's re-election," finance director Brian Goldmeier wrote donors on Aug. 24, six days before Tuesday's primary. "However, sadly, this will be my last."

Of course, it won't be.

Gimenez needed to cross the 50-percent threshold to end the race Tuesday night. After Gimenez finished with 48 percent of the vote in the seven-candidate field, he's facing a nine-week contest with Regalado, a school-board member, before Election Day on November. And with most of Gimenez's $4.5 million war chest drained, Goldmeier must revisit the mayor's donor base for a quick refueling of campaign cash for the two-candidate runoff.  

But there was no hint of a possible long haul in last Wednesday's email.

"Tomorrow, Aug. 25th, is the last day that we will be able to collect any contributions for the Mayor's campaign," Goldmeier wrote, "so please consider joining us at the Biltmore one last time to drop off a check."

This post was updated to remove an image of the email from Brian Goldmeier mentioned above. The image had over-sized type that the source had added to emphasize certain words in the original email.