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'Go for Marco!' Trump says of Rubio in Daytona Beach

Campaign 2016 Trump

Marco Rubio may get irritated when reporters ask him about Donald Trump. But Trump appears happy to back Rubio whenever he can.

"Go for Marco!" Trump said at a Daytona Beach rally Wednesday.

Trump was retelling the story of his Florida primary win, highlighting negative ads and praising his state campaign chief, Karen Giorno, who's since been promoted to national political adviser.

"By the way, I endorsed Marco Rubio. He endorsed me. He's doing well," Trump said.

Earlier in the day, Rubio seemed annoyed to get so many Trump questions at a Doral news conference about the spreading Zika virus. 

Rubio's got a GOP primary challenger, Carlos Beruff, who's more fully embraced Trump's presidential nomination. During the primary, Trump branded Rubio "Liddle Marco."

At the rally, Trump suggested Republicans who want conservatives appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court have no choice but to support him.

"You don't like me, but you have no choice: You have to go for me. I'm sorry," he said. "But most people like me, so that's nice."

Photo credit: Evan Vucci, Associated Press