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Mystery flier tries to link Miami-Dade mayoral challenger to Trump

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Donald Trump's name won't be on the Miami-Dade County ballot Tuesday. But he's popping up in the county mayor's race anyway -- this time, in an attack flier against challenger Raquel Regalado.

"Miami doesn't need its own Donald Trump!" says the piece, which pictures Regalado's face on one end of the flier and Trump's on the other.

In the middle, it cites the Miami Herald editorial board's endorsement of Regalado's opponent, Mayor Carlos Gimenez. The editorial characterized Regalado as making "over the top" charges against Gimenez "much like Donald Trump's."

Regalado has no known ties to Trump. She has said that, even though she's a Republican, she won't vote for him. It's Gimenez -- who also won't vote for Trump -- who has met Trump, golfed with him and tried to work out a deal for Trump to run a county-owned golf course. Gimenez's son Carlos J. Gimenez also lobbies on behalf of Trump National Doral.

Regalado's political committee has highlighted Gimenez's Trump connection in a flier of its own. Both sides appear certain Trump's name is so unpopular in liberal, Hispanic Miami-Dade -- the only county Trump lost in the March 15 presidential primary -- that they are trying to use him to drag each other down.

The group behind the anti-Regalado mailer, however, is a mystery.

A disclaimer on the piece says it was paid for by Committee for Integrity, Inc., a corporation registered in Tampa. But corporate records don't reveal who's behind it; the entity, created in June, is listed to a Daniel Silverman of Tampa. The organization isn't registered as a state or county political committee.

Committee for Integrity has also put out a robocall against Regalado.

Regalado characterized the flier attack as a sign Gimenez's allies fear she has gained ground on him and could force him into a November run-off.

"Despite the rhetoric desperation is clearly setting it at [the] Gimenez campaign as they focus on Stopping Raquel Regalado," she said in a text message.

--with Douglas Hanks