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PolitiFact turns 9 years old


There had been some excellent fact-checking before we came along — the pioneers at launched in 2003 — but PolitiFact was different. We used Truth-O-Meter ratings to summarize our conclusions from True to Pants on Fire. And we presented our work as structured journalism, which enabled us to compile and tally our findings in powerful new ways. Readers could see all of a candidate’s False ratings, for example, and everyone we checked had a report card that showed how many True, False, etc. ratings they had received.

When we launched on Aug. 22, 2007, there were just a handful of us on the team: Bill Adair, Angie Drobnic Holan, Scott Montgomery and a couple of reporters from Congressional Quarterly who contributed occasional fact-checks. We focused exclusively on the 2008 presidential race.

Since then, PolitiFact has become the largest fact-checking venture in history. We’ve examined  more than 12,000 statements by politicians, pundits and political groups and we have 21 PolitiFact sites that include 18 states (PolitiFact North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, among others), PunditFact and the PolitiFact Global News Service, our partnership with Africa Check that checks claims on health and development. 

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