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South Florida politicians repeatedly fined for failing to disclose donors on time



State Sen. Dwight Bullard is a busy man. He’s a politician, teacher, newly minted uncle and chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.

“In the midst of all the public service I’m attempting to do, there are things that are put on the back burner,” Bullard said.

Filing campaign finance reports on time is one of Bullard’s items on the back burner: He’s been fined seven times, totaling $7,000, for filing campaign finance reports late since declaring his current state Senate candidacy in 2013. It’s possible that more fines will be announced against Bullard in the coming months.

Bullard is the worst offender among Miami-Dade and Broward state Senate and House candidates running for office in 2016, but he is hardly alone: 31 candidates for the Legislature have been fined for missing campaign finance reporting deadlines in this election cycle. The offenders include 24 Democrats, six Republicans and one no-party candidate.

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