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Trump: 'It means nothing' that Miami Republican politicians aren't backing him

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Miami is a hub of Donald Trump skepticism among Hispanic Republicans. But Trump told the Miami Herald on Thursday that bothers him none.

"You have some friends here in Miami who are Republicans who are not supporting you, including the mayor of the county, who you've golfed with, a couple of members of Congress," the Herald asked him. "What does that say about them?"

Trump responded specifically about Mayor Carlos Gimenez, a Republican seeking re-election to a bipartisan post. Gimenez met with Trump's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in Miami on Tuesday. Her campaign has been courting Gimenez's endorsement. Gimenez's son Carlos J. Gimenez is a registered lobbyist in Doral for Trump National Doral golf resort.

"I didn't even know he wasn’t supporting," Trump said of the mayor. "It doesn’t mean anything to me, it means nothing. I did -- when I won the primary system nobody supported me. I was an outsider. I'd rather be an outsider. I didn’t even know the mayor wasn't supporting me. I don't imagine he's not supporting me. Maybe he hasn’t endorsed me, maybe he's got some political reasons. Seems like a nice guy but it makes no difference to me.

"We're going to win. We're going to win Florida, because I'm going to bring back jobs, because I'm going to bring back security. We're going to win Florida. I think we're going to win Florida big."